TAN Thanks USA Fans for Unforgettable Concert Experience

Hey TAN fans!

We had such a fantastic time at the TAN Asia Concert with all of you! :tada: Your love and energy really made it special, and we’re so grateful.

:sparkling_heart:Guess what? We have exciting news: the best prize is for the fans who adore TAN! :trophy: Your support is so important to us. :hugging_face:

Also, we want to say a big thanks to KPOPTix and KPOP Store in USA for making the concert awesome! :star2: You guys are great!We can’t wait to see you at more TAN Asia events in the future! :notes:

Let’s continue sharing our love for TAN and making amazing memories together! :musical_note:Stay awesome and don’t forget: Keep loving TAN!

 :star-struck:Take care!

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2 Responses

  1. I had so much fun at all of the TAN events. Thank you for hosting such a fun event.

  2. had such a blast 👑💜🤎 my crown soda heart was full of many unforgettable memories; congratulations to TAN for working hard to redebut and a special 1st tour Together!!