TAN – Autographed Photo (Digital Signed) – International Only!


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*This is for fans of TAN - International (Argentina, Philippines)

What’s Included:

  • 3 photos in 5 x 7 sizes.
    • 2 photos of 7 TAN members (Autographed Photo, Digital Signed). Four wallet size photos printed on one sheet.
    • 1 photo of 2 group photos of TAN.

You have the freedom to cut and use the photos as desired.

We offer the following fees for our services:

  • Photo Printing Fee: This fee covers the expenses associated with printing your photos, including 3 photos in 5 x 7 sizes, 2 photos of TAN members (Autographed Photo, Digital Signed), and 1 photo of 2 group photos of TAN.
  • Processing Fee: This fee includes the cost of packaging, handling, photo printing, and service handling required to deliver the printed photos to your designated address. 
  • International Shipping Rate: This fee covers the cost of shipping the printed photos to an international destination.
  • The processing fee, including photo printing and service handling, is non-refundable.

Payment Method:

  • Paypal

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Dimensions 5 × 7 × 0.0625 in